Monday, January 09, 2006

GuitArt - The Guitar Calendar - "Ruby"

Well, it was a while in coming, but I have finally finished building my new guitar.

She is a 2006 Serrie StratMaster, and her name is Ruby. Ash body with a quilted flame-maple top, in a deep ruby gemstone color, with 22K gold-plated parts, maple neck with jumbo frets, locking Sperzel tuning heads, embedded pickups and rear access electronics so there is no pickguard to mar the finish. Gold Straploks. Gold American Fender custom shoppe tremolo/bridge system. Even the knobs are gold-plated with Ruby pearloid inserts to match. Two Fender Noiseless Vintage single coil pickups and a Seymour Duncan "Pearly Gates" humbucking pickup that was designed to have the exact same sound signature of the 1959 Les Paul (these go for over $100,000 now).
Ruby is reasonably light, well-balanced, refined, beautiful to look at, smooth and easy to play, and she sings like an angel and growls like a beast.
I originally made her to sell, but I don't think I could give her up now! I may put pictures in eBay to sell others like this one but use this as the prototype/model for selling the others.
Also, I am creating "GuitArt - The Guitar Calendar" with pictures of all my guitars. I think Ruby will be January, since this is the month she was born. I will be posting pictures and descriptions and backstories on all the other guitars here as well.


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