Sunday, November 26, 2006

Our Next Gig

Next Saturday, Dec 2, my band is booked to play the Lewisville Christmas festival called "Holiday at the Hall". This is an annual event in the downtown area of Lewisville, Texas, which is one of the cities in the Dallas/Ft.Worth/Denton Metroplex.
This festival has a parade very similar to Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade with 19' to 29' floating floats, marching bands, etc. There will be a bike-toy run that collects toys for under-privileged kids and there will be 10,000 motorcycles there for that. There is an ice-sculpting contest, there are all kinds of vendors and events and yes, Santa Claus will be there for the kids.
Here is a link to the website:
Click on the logo for Holidays At The Hall and that will take you to the description.

VSP (The Val Serrie Project) will be there, on the Plaza Stage right in the middle of everything. We will play a one hour set from 1:30 to 2:30pm finishing just before the big parade starts at 3pm.
The crowd shot shown above is a stock photo, but it is fairly representative of the crowds expected, I think. The sound guy who is running sound for our stage said to expect between 10,000 and 15,000 people there when we do our set.

WELL! That's a few more people than I've ever played in front of before! 10,000 to 15,000!

Just to make it trickier, I have added another member to the band this last week. Andrew Robinson has joined as a bass player and alternate guitar player for some parts. Mostly he'll be playing the bass. That allows us to shift Sonny over to keyboards and percussion where he can add in some of the parts that are only provided by backing tracks so far.
Andrew has only been with us for 2 practices but has already learned 7 of the 11 songs we'll be playing in our set there for the festival. And frankly, these were the 7 tougher pieces to play on bass. He is gaining ground fast. But we only now have 3 more practices until Saturday.

The new 5-man lineup is as Follows:
Val Serrie - lead guitar and vocals
Joe Parr - rhythm guitar
Jason Christenson - drums
Sonny Snipes - keyboards, percussion and bass
Andrew Robinson - bass and guitar

The setlist will be as follows:
1. You Make Me Feel Good
2. Best Day of Your Life
3. Under a Texas Sky
4. Diamonds In Her Soul
5. Honeymoon Suite
6. Second Wind
7. Goodbye
8. Just Before The Storm
9. Beyond Words
10.Yavanna Smiled

This will be a memorable event for me. I'm really looking forward to it. After this one, I hope we may be able to go on to play the Sounds of Lewisville festival in June, and possibly the Denton Jazz Festival in the spring.


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