Tuesday, February 27, 2007

That Girl In The Window

“Hey baby, when do you get off work?”….

A 39 yr old Detroit man named Ronald Dotson was sentenced to 18 months to 30 years because he was found in the alley with a couple of mannequins he had dressed up in lingerie.
Ronald has a thing for mannequins and so when he sees one in a window display, he can’t help himself, and he breaks the window and steals the mannequin and takes her away to do whatever nasty things he does with them.
Well, they are not anatomically correct, so I don’t think he can do THAT much really.

He told the judge “I’ve never been able to take care of myself.”

Ahhhhhh. Now I see. I’m thinking that it’s not about the mannequins. It’s about getting off the freezing cold streets of Detroit in the wintertime. For the destitute poor, jail is far preferable to the street when it’s cold and snowing. I suppose he has just found a way to get picked up and put in jail without hurting anyone. He gets a warm room, a bed, a toilet, and shelter from the storm.

I wonder how much of a factor this is in contributing to the overcrowding of our jail systems across the country. California is on the verge of letting thousands of criminals go free simply because they don’t have the facilities to house them, and they were sued when they tried to send the overflow prisoners to Arizona.


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