Thursday, January 12, 2006

GuitArt - The Guitar Calendar - "Lady In Red"

Lady In Red:
Do you remember the song by that name?
Well, when I first met my wife, on our first date I took her to a comedy club, and then later we went dancing. She wore a green dress, but we danced our first dance to the song Lady in Red. We made jokes about that and it became ‘our song’.

Later, in 1989 when we were getting married, I mentioned to her how much I missed my old Gibson ES-335 jazz guitar. I wanted this Washburn ES-335 style guitar to replace it and it was a beautiful deep, rich red mahogany color and it actually played much nicer than the Gibson ever did. She decided to buy me that for a wedding present, and I loved it. It was a deep red color, and it has a feminine charm to it, and Lady in Red was our song, so I called it Lady In Red. It was a wonderful present and I love that guitar and play it to this day. It has a wonderful neck and great bluesy jazzy sound.

This one also was the victim of an accident. I was sleeping in my bed and was awakened in the middle of the night by a loud crash. I jumped up and ran into my studio and saw that the shelves that covered one wall entirely had been too heavy with all the books etc. and they had crashed down and some things had fallen on Lady In Red and left a scratch on the upper side on the front – where my arm goes. That is still there, and you can see it in the picture.


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