Saturday, January 14, 2006

GuitArt - The Guitar Calendar - "EJ Frankenstrat"

EJ Frankenstrat:
This guitar originally started out as a 1982 Korean-made Fender Strat. However, I have changed everything and completely rebuilt it from other American parts… many times. I rebuilt it and gave it life so many times I called it "Frankenstrat". And then, when I took Eric Johnson out for dinner for his 50th birthday last year, I had him sign the pickguard. Eric is known as EJ, hence the name EJ Frankenstrat.

I have replaced the tuners with locking sperzels, the nut with a Floyd-Rose locking nut, then a Fender roller bearing nut, the entire neck(twice), the pickups with Fender lace sensors(red label), the electronics, the bridge-system with a Floyd-Rose, even the strap buttons with straploks, etc. etc. etc. Everything except the actual wooden shell body. And I am considering changing THAT too for something with a nice grain…..

I use this guitar primarily for slide work now. The lace sensor pickups have a nice tone for that.


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