Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Cure for Cancer

First, let me say that within this article I will, in fact, describe one cure for cancer that works on most cancers, and it is simple and not expensive, but first I must explain how I came to know about it and how it was developed and tested.

Once, many years ago, I saw a TV interview with the man who had been head of fundraising for the American Cancer Society for 18 years. Then one day he had discovered some ugly facts about cancer research and quit his job on ethical grounds, and began speaking out against them on TV and radio. I saw him being interviewed on the Joyce Davidson Show.

This man said that he became suspicious when he noticed that the ACS fundraising year began in May each year, and every year in April, they always seemed to announce some significant breakthrough. In this way, they brought public awareness to Cancer research and they could say that they are close to a cure, but need that extra bit of donations to get them the rest of the way over the top to finding the cure.

But in all the decades since the American Cancer Society had been in existence, they never quite got there. This started to seem suspiciously contrived and engineered to him. It was far too predictable.

He pointed out that at that time, there were 49,000 people making a full-time living from doing cancer research, and it had grown into too large an organization, and now they couldn’t afford to actually find a cure because then all those people would be out of a job. Once a cure is found, then all the fundraising activity stops, the existing funds and grants dry up, all the research labs and organizations shut down and all the people working on the science and administrative jobs are all suddenly without work. 49,000 people was an estimate of how many people were working in that field on a full time basis 20 years ago. We have to assume that number has grown significantly since then.

If you look at the ACS today on their website, you will see that most of the focus is on fundraising. There are many places to make donations, many links and buttons, and stories and discussion about that. It's all about the money. You will also see that they have 3400 local offices in the US alone. Even if they have an average of only 10 staff for each location (some may be bigger and some smaller), that still means that there are 34,000 people just in the local administrative offices alone. Then add the people in the regional and head offices. I would imagine that number gets closer to 40,000 people just in fundraising and administrative functions. THEN you have to start looking at the researchers and scientists and lab technicians themselves. You can see there are quite probably tens of thousands of people involved in those positions.

This army of cancer workers literally cannot afford to find a cure. They cannot afford to see their entire raison d’ettre dismantled, and their livelihoods destroyed.

So they do not search for a ‘cure’, necessarily. Instead, they search for ‘treatments’.

Next, on the slightly more sinister side, this former ACS fundraiser pointed out that the ACS was run by twelve people. These same twelve people also sit on the Boards of Directors for the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture the chemotherapy drugs, and so he drew the logical conclusion that they would never allow the ACS to endorse any treatments for cancer that did not involve using the chemotherapy drugs that they manufactured. There is a tight business relationship there. This is logical, if disappointing. It is perhaps cynical to say this, but somehow, given the realities of how the world works, this really didn’t surprise me at all.

That doesn’t make these people criminals. They are still working on things that save lives and fight disease, although they are channeling their efforts and everyone else’s efforts into paths that serve their own financial interests as well. But at least some good work is getting done.

However, this man also made some accusations of strong-arm tactics used against doctors who HAD come up with cures and highly successful treatments, when they did not use the chemotherapy drugs. These included everything from threatening to have their medical licenses revoked to actual physical threats against them and their family members. And he cited specific examples. We don’t need to go into details of that here except to say that this created an environment in the US where it was not advisable to work against the interests of the ACS.

But then the story takes an upturn. As it happened, there were several young doctors fresh out of medical school that had an idea of a way to possibly cure Cancer, but they needed a place to test it that was outside the realm of control of the ACS, so ended up going to Northern Ireland and set up their experiment in an oncology hostel there.

Reportedly, this facility had a large number of people that had been through all the treatments available. Surgery, radiation, and of course, chemotherapy. The treatments were ineffective at removing the cancer, and so they were relegated to this place to die. For each of them, the average stay at this point in the process was about 3 weeks. This was the last bus stop on the line for them.

The young doctors worked with the staff there and decided to offer the treatment to half the people to keep a control group to measure results against. As it happened, about half the patients there had been through so much and had their affairs in order and were ready to die anyway. They were just waiting their turn to go. They were content to be part of the control group. But the other half of the patients wanted to try anything that might give them a chance. They were given the treatment.

The Results:
If I recall correctly from that interview, after 3 weeks, all the control group had died, as expected. But of the group that were included in the treatment, none had died. Within 3 months one had died, and 2 more within 6 months, and a couple more within a year. The rest were reportedly in full remission. For all intents and purposes, it was a cure.

The Cure:
What was the cure? Well it is simple, cheap, widely available and here it is:

1) Hydrazine Sulphate (dosage unknown)
2) 10,000 mg of vitamin C per day
3) Multiple showers per day – as many as 10 or even more depending on perspiration levels.

Here is how he explained it:
The Hydrazine Sulphate is there to counter the metastasis caused or exacerbated by the chemotherapy drugs. Then the vitamin C is the real core of the cure here. Apparently Cancer has been a problem because it has so many forms and mutations. Well, as it happens, the body’s natural immune system does have the ability to create antibodies in whatever form they need to be to fight the Cancerous cells, however, it is not always strong enough and cannot create them in sufficient quantities. This is where the vitamin C comes in. Vitamin C stimulates the body’s natural immune system. Massive doses of it puts the body's immune system into super-production, which allows it to create antibodies in far larger amounts to fight off the cancer.

This causes the toxins to come out of the body faster than the waste evacuation process allows, so it tends to come out through the pores in the skin. The body literally sweats them out.

Then the showers are taken to wash away those toxins and to prevent them from re-infecting the body back through the pores. It may take as many as 10 showers per day for some people.

The dangers with this treatment seem to be in the area of potential kidney damage. The kidneys are not intended to take this much vitamin C or this much flushing of waste and are put under duress in the process. For those already in a weakened state from all the chemotherapy, etc., it is a larger risk. Some of the patients were put on dialysis from kidney failure, but eventually recovered. In any case, that was certainly better than death from the cancer which was otherwise inevitable.

So there you have it. According to that man from the American Cancer Society, there have been many cures and successful treatments over the years that were kept quiet and swept under the rug by the ACS because it didn’t serve their interests to have them made public. This is just one of them.

On another angle, some people see conspiracy theories everywhere, so you need to look at the facts of the size of the administrative and research body of people and size of organizations doing work in cancer and decide for yourself if this makes sense. Can these tens of thousands of people afford to find a cure? And if not, how far would they go to prevent one from coming out to take away their jobs and career? And does this one cure described here seem like it might work?

Look at the facts and decide for yourself.


At 6/12/2006 4:11 PM, Anonymous igor said...

Ok, I was thinking about this...

those "cancer conspirators" do not do research as a single person, the research is being done by miriads of laboratories, companies, universities, individuals, etc - so how "they" can function as a single conspiracy?

what about research outside US? surely ACS doesn't have big leverage in, say, China or Russia, or France! (frogs would rather die than yield to anglo-sax conspiracy, thanks god for having France around ! ;-)

how big is ACS's budget vs total budget for cancer research - worldwide! ... ?

I don't have figures, but I really doubt it constitutes a big chunck.

what about research done by private enterprises? surely they are free to do whatever they see fit...

and the most important one: those who stumbles upon WORKING cancer treatment would become fantastically rich - and this is what all ACS members want! - how can the conspiracy work, if all participants want to find the treatment - to become rich? Nothing is able to stand in the way between a man and his money, conspiracy or no conspiracy....

nagh, doesn't seem plausible to me...


as for claims that "somewhere, in Ireland, beyond the sea and in the land of dragons someone found some magical working cure for all cancer", .... where is the stampede to get cured? where are fresh minted billionares who sell The Cure?

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