Friday, January 20, 2006

GuitArt - The Guitar Calendar - "Flame"

This is a Diamond Series Schecter 5 String bass. This allows me to go very low and get the octave down to stretch the sound of the song into wider fidelity. It also really gives that nice danceable low end to some songs. Nice bass. The orange flame finish gave me the name.
This is impossibly good value for the money. Neck-through body construction, Flame-maple top, ebony fingerboard, EMG pickups, active electronics, high-end bridge and tuners, MOP inlay work and beautiful craftsmanship throughout. Plays great, sounds wonderful and looks like a work of art. And it was less than a third the cost of other similar-featured basses. These have to be the very best value in a bass on the market today. Impossible to beat. I love it, and use it on most of my songs.


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