Tuesday, January 17, 2006

GuitArt - The Guitar Calendar - "Cherry Blossom"

Cherry Blossom:
This is my main acoustic guitar now. I bought it a year ago now in Christmas week of 2004. It is an Ovation Custom Legend 1869. The top of the line of Ovation guitars. It has a shallow body so I can play it close to my body and so it’s pretty comfortable. It has a soft v-shaped neck that is reasonably thin so it fits my hand very nicely. I can play it easily without too much of the cramping I get with some other acoustics. This is a stunningly beautiful guitar with the deep cherry red sunburst colored top (hence the name) and the abalone perfling all around the edge and wild abalone inlay work all around the sound hole. It also has advanced sound pre-amp built in with a built-in tuner! This is the guitar I used on most of the acoustic tunes I wrote for the Natural Light album. I use a combination of the built-in pickup and miking it to get a nice sound when recording. A very impressive guitar.


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